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We offer Canadian based curriculum programs ranging from the Middle School level to the Pre-University level.

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Canadian Independent College (CIC) represents excellence in preparing students for entrance into Universities and Colleges throughout the world. CIC emphasizes the development of each student to his or her potential in terms of intellectual, ethical, physical, and social qualities. The well- qualified staff and administration are committed to academic excellence. Students are assisted with balancing academic, extracurricular and social pursuits within a disciplined and nurturing environment. The mission of Canadian Independent College (CIC) is to promote excellence and integrity in learning in all its forms; to develop the intellectual, ethical, emotional, social, and physical capabilities of each individual.

The mission of Canadian Independent College is to promote excellence and integrity in learning in all its forms; to develop the intellectual, ethical, emotional, physical capabilities of each individual. Our students will meet the challenges of today and the future, thus enriching the global community..


Middle School


The academic program in Middle School allows our students to gain knowledge, skills and confidence as they approach High School. Our teaching staffs are well-versed in teaching techniques that engage young minds. Proven techniques such as: activity-based learning, individual education plan, group planning, debates and an element of challenge in classroom activities facilitate our students becoming engaged learners for life.

At Canadian Independent College, we offer a dynamic, excellent and cooperative learning environment where students’ curiosity is stimulated, leadership skills are refined, and advanced interactive learning is meaningful and focused.

Student A

High School

Canadian Independent College continues to be organized around a quad semester system with entry points in: September, January, April, and July. By the end of grade 10, students will have completed 16 of 18 compulsory courses required by the Ministry of Education for graduation purposes. These courses are taught at a level that will enable students to complete OSSD standards.

By the end of the Grade 12 year, students will have been able to complete the 30 credits required. Coupled with the completion of 40 hours of community involvement and successfully passing the required Ontario Secondary School Literacy test, students will be qualified for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students who have completed an OSSD with at least six (6) acceptable prerequisite credits at the 4U/4M (Pre – University) are eligible for direct admission to universities or colleges worldwide.

Tutorial 2


The Pre-University program at Canadian Independent College is an excellent and cost effective
program for international students seeking university and college placements outside of their
country of origin.

Pre-University programs are essential for most international students. They allow for a transition
year that allows students to adapt to a more comprehensive style of learning. Our students learn
and grow in a disciplined and nurturing environment. That is why we have a 100% university
placement record.



AP means Advanced Placement. The AP Programme provides an opportunity for high school students to take College / University level courses while in high school. This exposure helps students build university level skills.   In many cases, students who achieve a level 4 on the AP examinations can earn university level course credit at most colleges and universities in the US, Canada and in 115 other countries.

AP helps students gain an edge in university preparation:

  • Get a head start on exactly the same material you will confront in University.
  • Improve your writing skills and sharpen your problem-solving techniques.
  • Develop the study habits necessary for tacking rigorous course work.
Canadian Independent College will provide a variety of Programmes to interested students during the summer (July-August). The Programmes will engage and stimulate students in a safe and controlled environment. An enriched curriculum mixed with day and weekend trips will be provided to summer camp students from a multicultural background.

The focus for our Activity Programme will be directed towards activities that can be of lifelong value for our students. Leadership of self and others will be encouraged in all Programmes. Canadian Independent College of Ghana places such values on these complimentary skills and activities that each student will be tracked and encouraged to participate in as many as is reasonably possible.

Each student’s timetable has a set recreational time slot each day in addition to the mandatory physical education class. Each student will be required to pursue at least one activity per term. Canadian Independent College of Ghana places such value on these lifelong skills that we track each student and encourage them to participate in as many activities they can without compromising their academic focus.

Why Choose Us

      • We encourage our students to explore the world from a variety of perspectives.
      • We foster responsible reasoning and logical thinking.
      • We teach our students how to analyze data in depth without compromising academic standards.
      • We explore each subject to the core using primary data and sources.
      • We utilize the most current technology to enhance creative thinking.
      • We provide ‘Hands on’ experience, shifting from abstract to practical applications.

We are proud of our 100% university placement record. Our students attend the most prestigious universities in the world!